TROY Product Samples

The following products are samples of products that TROY intends to supply from the Perth Mint.
Payment for products can only be made in GOLD tokens

Collectable Coins

TROY Gold Lion (Limited Edition)

1910 King Edward VII Sovereign Mintmark Trio

Rum 2018 2oz Gold Proof Coin

Australian Kangaroo 2019 1oz Gold Proof High Relief Coin

The Complete 1902-1910 Sovereign Collection

Australia Double Sovereign 2019 Gold Proof Coin

Minted Bars

10 GRAM Bar Minted

20 GRAM Bar Minted

1 Oz Bar Minted

50 Gram Bar Minted

100 Gram Bar Minted

10 Oz Bar Minted

Cast Bars

1/2 Oz Bar Cast

1 Oz Bar Cast

50 Oz Bar Cast

10 Oz Bar Cast

1kg Bar Cast

50 Oz Bar Cast


Gold Infinity Rose Necklace

Baby Bee Stud Earrings

Moon Earrings

Three Piece Disk Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Gold Ladies Watch

Speckle Drop Earrings

Custom Products

TROY will accept requests from token holders for the creation of bespoke products