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Tipbot Has Returned 7/2/2019 4:43:37 PM

Hi Everyone,

In February 2018, Tipbot launched its token sale, as many of you know, we paused our token sale a few months later due to private investment and the opportunity was then presented to expand our products and services.

We are proud to announce that Tipbot has returned, but not as you know it! Tipbot is now known as TROY. TROY has taken Tipbot's original email based transaction concept and done the following with it:

1) Expanded into a fully functional digital wallet which we believe will be the most secure cryptocurrency wallet on the market. We have named this wallet, The TROY Vault - it will make use of various biometric security protocols and many other features which you can read about on our web site.

2) Gold Bullion - Yes, that's not a typo. We have managed to secure a gold contract for 20,000 ounces of Gold Bullion which will be supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited - Australia. Bullseye's gold will enable TROY to create a range of products which can be purchased directly using TROY's gold token, and better yet - if you don't want the gold - we'll just give you the cash instead!

3) Incorporated in Malta - Yes, that's right. TROY is fully incorporated and regulated in Malta under the Virtual Financial Assets Act, TROY is incorporated as Tipbot LTD.

4) Shariah Compliance - We are presently undergoing Shariah Compliance and have received positive feedback from our advisers. We will soon announce the final result of our compliance application.

These are only a few of our highlights! The TROY GOLD token private sale is now live, and you will receive a 40% bonus on your purchase. Remember, every GOLD token will allow you to purchase gold products at a later date, so why not get 40% extra NOW!

Legacy Tipbot members can buy tokens with just $250 instead of our typical minimum purchase of $5,000 during our Private Sale. We thank you for your continued support over this past year, without you, we wouldn't be here!

Thank you for your support,

Barry Flood

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