TROY Vault - Features




Programming Languages

Javascript (Web3.js)
Python (Server application)

Development Framework



Proof Of Work
Proof Of Stake (after Casper launch)


ECDSA (256 bit public-key)

Planned platforms

Windows 10

1.Advanced Multi-Level Biometric Security

Digital Wallets are secured using passwords, private keys or seeds. These are generally a large combination of letters and numbers, making validation & recovery complicated and error prone.

With the advancement of fingerprint, live facial and live retina technology, Troy is creating the world’s most secure, yet simple to use digital vault. One of these verification methods on its own is extremely difficult to compromise but with all combined into one platform – The Troy Vault will become the world’s most secure digital asset platform.

As part of TROY’s security policies, TROY will never store any personal or biometric information relating to its users with the exception of your email addresses and public wallet addresses which will be stored on TROY’s secure server. TROY will never see or store your private access key, it will only be accessible on your personal device. All biometric data will be stored and actioned solely within the user’s personal device.

2.Personal Portfolio Analysis

Just like exchange wallets, The TROY Vault will provide graphical charts for all of your Ether and Ethereum Tokens, all in one location.

With graphical charts from multiple exchanges being imported using live API’s, up to date market movements will be displayed to allow for technical analysis of market movements.

Not only will you be able to view market movements, you will also be able to track your personal recent transactions, live exchange order books and receive up to date alerts from other projects.

3.Process for generating a new private key

The following process takes place on the users personal device when creating a new wallet.

  • User selects “create a new wallet”
  • A random private key is automatically generated on the users device and stored in the users device. (64 (hex) characters / 256 bits / 32 bytes)
  • The associated public key is generated from the private key
    (128 (hex) characters / 512 bits / 64 bytes)
  • The associated public address is generated from this public key.
    (40 (hex) characters / 160 bits / 20 bytes)

During this process, the wallet’s private key will not be exposed physically or electronically and will never be shown to TROY.

4.Updates from global crypto & precious metal markets

One of the great things about the internet is the mass amount of up to date information available for just about anything you can imagine. With this greatness comes a problem - keeping track.

The TROY Vault will use a series of API’s to integrate news feeds from many of the world’s most popular news sources. Instead of having to visit multiple web sites, users will be able to select their desired news sources from our extensive library which will populate on your own personal device.

5.Account Registration

Users will be able to import an existing Ethereum Wallet account so long as the owner has access to the wallet’s Private Key.

In both events, only the following information will be collected by TROY:

  • Wallet Public Address
  • Valid user email address

During the registration process, users will be asked to enter and verify an email address. TROY will store this information on its server database which will be used for contact purposes and wallet interaction.

TROY will not retain any other personal usage or data relating to any individual.

6.Multi-wallet Creation

Users of the TROY Vault will be able to create new wallets for not only themselves, but for their friends and family. Through a simple process, users will be able to invite friends or family to the TROY Vault, or be able to initiate a cryptocurrency transaction to a non-cryptocurrency user.

During this process, the wallet owner’s private key will never be exposed. This means neither TROY or the wallet creator will have access to the recipient’s wallet.

Private keys will be encrypted and stored only on the wallet owner’s personal device, private keys will only be exposed on the wallet owner’s personal device upon request of the wallet owner for backup purposes.

Users will be able to generate and manage multiple wallets from within the TROY Vault. This could be beneficial if you wish to manage a wallet belonging to a friend or if you wish to distribute your holdings across multiple accounts.

7.Paper Wallets

“Paper Wallet” is an industry term used to describe a physical hard copy of your personal private key. This private key can be used in certain events when recovery of your wallet is required. A paper wallet may also be used to gift wallets to friends or family.

It is recommended that paper wallets be stored in a secure location such as a safe or in a location in which only you have access to. The TROY Vault will allow you to:

    • Display your private key on screen
    • Print a physical copy of your paper wallet through a printer linked to your device without ever exposing your private key on screen.

During the paper wallet generation process, all data connections on the user device will be disabled.

As TROY won’t be storing personal private keys, it is important that all TROY Vault users make use of this facility in order to backup their access.

8.Securing of personal files

Everybody’s personal devices carry vast amounts of private information, this ranges from text documents to videos. Unfortunately, most of these documents remain relatively unsecured and are protected by a single password or pin number.

Through the use of the TROY Vault’s advanced biometric triple locked security, you will be able to protect your personal files by placing them within the vault.

The TROY Vault will provide a secure file explorer that will allow you to move files from your personal device into the vault.

9.Trading Center

TROY appreciates how the cryptocurrency market can be intimidating to new traders. One of the great things about the internet is that it provides the ability to request the assistance of experienced traders. Unfortunately, it is difficult to ascertain who is trustworthy and reputable.

TROY will approach experienced traders and projects to directly post updates into the TROY Vault Trading Center. This content may range from text updates on market opinions to live streams on market movement.


10.Secure moderated social interaction

The TROY team is founded on transparency and community relations. In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of information provided by TROY to our community, we will be developing our own internal social network to allow for communication with other TROY Vault users and our team.

We feel this is important to our customers due to the amount of fraudulent activity which presently exists on the standard social media networks. The TROY Vault will provide moderated secure communications which will be accessible only to VAULT users.

As an added incentive, Key project updates will be provided first to TROY Vault users through our internal social channels.

11.Blockchain Interaction method

There are a number of API’s available which enable interaction with the Ethereum Blockchain such as and One of TROY’s primary requirements is to ensure maximum security of TROY Vault users. In order to ensure this, TROY has elected to use web3.js as opposed to API’s which require a third party handler.

What is web3.js?

Web3.js facilitates smart contract interaction with applications such as The TROY Vault. Web3.js consists of a collection of libraries which enable Ethereum actions such as send tokens, receive tokens, read & write information to smart contracts, and more.

Web3.js allows users to make requests on the Ethereum Network to a node, which will initially be securely provided by during early development stages, but in the long term will be via TROY’s own dedicated Ethereum node.

Why web3.js?

During concept development, a number of development options were explored. With security in mind, it was decided to not use third party API’s due to the risk of private keys being shared. With web3.js, user’s private keys will only be used to interact directly with the Ethereum Blockchain. Private keys will never be exposed to any third party or TROY.