Who Are Troy:

  • 1. Who are Troy?

    Troy was first incepted as Tipbot limited in Q4 2017 but was officially registered in Malta in July 2018 as Tipbot Ltd.

    Troy has three products

    Troy was first incepted as Tipbot limited in Q4 2017 but was officially registered in Malta in July 2018 as Tipbot Ltd.

    Troy has three products

    Our Cryptocurrency the Troy Gold Token.

    Our Gold Products we will make from the gold supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited that our customers can purchase using Troy Gold Tokens.

    Our Secure Digital Vault which takes the properties of your standard crypto wallet and adds world leading security for your personal files and media, real time crypto and market updates and manages your crypto currencies portfolio.

  • 2. Is Tipbot still trading?

    Yes, it has simply rebranded its product as Troy.

  • 3. Why did you rebrand as TROY?

    It was felt by our team and focus groups that the name “Tipbot” was much too narrow and confusing to non-crypto users. The name Troy inspired strength and certainty and historically the term Troy was a system of weights used mainly for precious metals and gems, often used when weighing gold.

  • 4. What does the lion in the logo symbolise?

    If you look at the word Bullion, it is made up of two parts, a bull and a lion. Troy’s gold supplier represents itself as a bull and Troy represents as a lion.

    Bullseye’s bull symbolises strength and power.
    Troy’s lion symbolises valour and courageousness.

  • 5. Is TROY Regulated?

    Our first step in addressing this was to have TROY incorporated in Malta one of the world's leading authorities in crypto currency regulation. Our white paper then underwent a full review and passed all the regulations outlined by the Maltese authorities.

  • 6. Is this your first token sale?

    With Troy this is our first token sale.

    After the successful launch of Tipbot’s token sale, new investors and team members came on board and Tipbot’s token sale was paused.

  • 7. Why set up in Malta?

    Troy has chosen Malta to incorporate due to its crypto friendly approach to regulation.

    Malta is renowned for its crypto-friendly politics, whose efforts in the field have earned it the moniker of “blockchain island.”

    Malta has taken a very progressive approach to cryptocurrencies, positioning itself as a global leader in crypto regulation. In Malta cryptocurrencies are recognized by the government as “a medium of exchange, a unit of account, or a store of value”.

  • 8. Who is your legal representatives?

    Troy’s legal representatives are Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates - Malta.

    Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates is a full service law firm with offices in Malta's legal and financial capital, Valletta. The firm's key strengths remain its personalised approach to delivering high quality legal services.

  • 9. Who is doing the marketing?

    Troy is doing much of its marketing inhouse but has also hired an experienced third-party marketing firm Renowned & Co who are a blockchain advisory and marketing consultancy.

    Renowned helps grow blockchain related businesses and projects. Their work includes go-to-market advisory, token sales, post-token sale marketing, performance marketing and business development activities.

    Their clients include the likes of Hdac ($258m raised), PumaPay ($117m raised) Eligma ($13m raised) and many others who have raised tens of millions and built communities in the many thousands.

  • 10. What are your official social media channels?

    Troy’s core social media channels are: