FAQ - Tokens / Promotions

    What is the TROY GOLD Token

  • 1. What is TROY’s Gold Token?

    TROY’s Gold token is an ethereum based crypto-currency licenced and regulated in Malta. It is the primary method of paying for subscriptions to Troy’s wallet, the TROY Vault. TROY Gold tokens have the option to be later exchanged for real world gold products or FIAT.

  • 2. What is the difference in TROY, GOLD and gold products?

    TROY is our product name
    GOLD is our ticker symbol
    Gold Products are the products which can be purchased using TROY's GOLD tokens.

  • 3. Is TROY a Proof of Stake or Proof of Work token?

    As TROY Gold tokens exist on the Ethereum blockchain, it will be a Proof of Work token. If Ethereum integrates its Proof of Stake plans, TROY will become a Proof of Stake token.

    Regardless, you will never be able to mine new TROY's tokens.

  • 4. Are you the only supplier of TROY's tokens?

    Yes, you should only purchase tokens from the TROY.Gold website or from a verified TROY representative. Tokens offered for sale elsewhere are not authorised and may be fraudulent, you may purchase these at your own risk.

  • 5. Why aren’t you retaining the escrow supply yourself?

    It was decided by the TROY team that in order to give assurance to our customers, and credibility to our project, undistributed tokens would be held by a trusted third party. TROY’s third party can only issue these tokens back to TROY in the event more gold contracts become available.

  • Promotion

  • 6. How many tokens are available to purchase?

    Initial Supply : 24,000,000 TROY Gold Tokens
    Maximum Supply: 158,000,000 TROY Gold Tokens

    If Troy is able to secure further gold contracts, tokens from escrow will be issued up to the maximum supply.

    In the event that TROY is unable to secure more gold contracts all remaining escrow tokens will be destroyed.

  • 7. What is the price per token?

    $1.00 USD per token.

  • 8. What incentives are there to purchase more tokens?

    - TROY Gold tokens are offered with as much as a 25% bonus
    - 50% Token burn continually increasing the value of your remaining TROY Gold tokens
    - The expected increased price of gold when you exchange TROY Gold tokens for gold products
    - You can recommend a friend through our affiliate program and earn an additional 2% for referrals you generate
    - Gleam competition and Bounty campaign where you can complete tasks to earn more TROY Gold tokens

    In addition you can earn as much as 25% from the TROY Vault by recommending a friend.
    As a special thank you to the original Tipbot community, we are inviting them to take part in the TROY Private Sale and receive a 25% bonus! The minimum purchase limit is ordinarily $5,000 for this stage but we will allow you to purchase with a $250 minimum and still receive the 25% bonus.

    To take part, simply email legacy@troy.gold and we can take it from there.

  • 9. When will I receive my Bounty Campaign or Gleam Competition tokens?

    All TROY Gold tokens earned from either Bounty Campaign or Gleam Competition will become available once the token sale and the audit have been completed.

    In the meantime you can keep track of how many TROY Gold Tokens you have acquired when you log on to your TROY account.

  • 10. What is the token burn?

    Our customers can use their TROY Gold tokens for the upkeep of their TROY Vaults. 50% of those tokens we receive for Vault payments will be burnt. The gold available won't change but the number of tokens will and this means the token burn increases the value of the remaining tokens that customers can use to purchase real world gold products.

    In a nutshell the more we burn, the more buying power your token has. Early investors also receive a larger bonus & will benefit most of all from this token burn.


  • 11. When will the token burn happen?

    TROY's token burn will occur immediately following the launch of the TROY Vault.

  • 12. Why are you performing a token sale audit?

    TROY must perform an audit of all purchases to ensure all of the token values are accurate and correct prior to distribution.

  • 13. How long will the token sale audit last?

    TROY’s token sale audit will only last a short period of time, at most 3 weeks.

  • 14. How long before I get my tokens once the token sale is complete?

    Token distribution will occur within a few weeks of completion of TROY’s Gold token sale audit.

  • 15. What are your targets for a successful token sale?

    We have a soft cap value of $9,000,000 and a hard cap value of $24,000,000.

    We feel these are realistic targets but our ultimate aim is to sell out our entire token sale.

  • 16. What happens if the soft cap target is not reached?

    In the unlikely event Troy doesn’t reach its soft cap, Troy will evaluate its current financial situation and decide if moving forward is viable. If this evaluation reveals the project is financially unviable, Troy will refund the equivalent FIAT value received by token buyers less a small admin charge.

  • 17. What happens if the hard cap target is not reached?

    If Troy’s hard cap isn’t reached, Troy will have already received enough funds from its soft cap in order to fund development of The Troy Vault and will continue development of its products and services.

  • 18. What exchanges will handle Troy and when?

    Due to regulatory and legal requirements, Troy is not permitted to discuss exchanges at this time.

  • 19. Why are the prices in USD when you are based in Europe and Bullseye are based in Australia?

    Prices are shown in USD as it is the global currency for both commodities and cryptocurrency.

  • Purchase Period

  • 20. How long will the gold product purchase period last?

    TROY’s Gold product purchase period will last 60 days. The purchase period is relatively short due to the storage costs and administration costs involved in the distribution and storage of FIAT and gold. We will announce the date of the purchase period 60 days before the purchase period begins and then customers have 60 days to exchange their Troy Gold tokens for real world gold products.

  • 21. What happens if the hard cap target is not reached?

    If Troy’s hard cap isn’t reached, Troy will have already received enough funds from its soft cap in order to fund development of The Troy Vault and will continue development of its products and services.

  • 22. What happens if I do not purchase the gold products during the purchase period?

    TROY Gold tokens can continue to be used for TROY's future products and services.