FAQ - The Troy Vault

  • 1. What is the Troy Vault?

    The TROY Vault developed by TROY, is a world leading cryptocurrency wallet in terms of security and ease of use.

    The TROY Vault automatically generates a wallet for you to store your TROY GOLD Tokens and send them to friends and family. You can protect all your passwords and personal files in a digital vault on your mobile phone that with a password and 3 optional layers of biosecurity, is the most secure crypto wallet available worldwide today. It really is Fort Knox in your pocket.

    The Troy Vault provides personal portfolio analysis and it allows you to stay up to date with the latest crypto & commodity news and market updates whilst managing all your transactions, directly from your mobile phone.

  • 2. What are the security features of the TROY Vault wallet?

    The TROY Vault will be the world’s first mobile phone wallet to make full use of fingerprint, facial and retina security features offered by mobile phone devices.

    The TROY Vault will make use of all industry standard encryption and security methods, as well as an advanced state of the art security protocols.

    The TROY Vault will not be open source in order to protect its code and prevent intrusion. What advanced security measures we will use will not be disclosed in order to protect our users. However, an independent security audit of the code will be undertaken.

    So if you lose your mobile phone and someone gets access to it, they still have to get past the security measures you put in place to get access to your TROY Vault wallet.

  • 3. Is there any backup if I lose my mobile phone?

    When you first set up your Vault account, the TROY Vault will provide you with an access code to resync your wallet with the application should you lose your device or forget your private key. This is known as a paper wallet and it is your backup wallet access.

    Please note that if you lose this code and then later lose your device or forget your private key, Troy will be unable to issue you another paper wallet.

  • 4. How does the TROY Vault automatically generate a wallet for me?

    When you register on the TROY Vault, it will automatically generate a new wallet for you. It locks the private key of that wallet into the application that exists only on your mobile phone. You can also have multiple wallets on one mobile phone.

  • 5. Can I use other devices other than my mobile phone to access my TROY Vault account?

    Absolutely. You will be able to use any device with internet access to get access to your TROY Vault accounts.

  • 6. Can I store other cryptocurrencies in The TROY Vault?

    Yes, The TROY Vault will enable secure access to all Ethereum tokens and Ether itself, and is open to the inclusion of other blockchains such as TRON and EOS.

  • When Available?

  • 7. At what stage of development is the TROY Vault?

    The TROY Vault has been in development since early Q2 2018 and has a functional internal alpha.

  • 8. How long before we get the TROY Vault?

    TROY plans to launch its first public beta in early 2020, dependant upon the success of TROY’s token sale.

  • 9. What devices will the TROY Vault be designed for?

    The TROY Vault will initially be for Apple & Android devices but later intends to expand to Mac, Windows & Linux.

  • Subscriptions

  • 10. What are the subscription fees?

    The TROY Vault will have 4 subscription brackets ranging from free to $10 per month.

  • 11. If I purchase a subscription and want to cancel it, will I lose access to my crypto?

    No, your subscription will simply revert to the free version of the TROY Vault. You will always have access to your private key should you wish to access your cryptocurrency from a third party.

  • 12. How many devices does 1 subscription cover?

    The free version will permit synchronisation of just one device. If you wish to avail of synchronisation across multiple devices, you will require a subscription. Up to 5 devices may be synchronised.

  • 13. Is the free version secure?

    Yes, The free version will avail of all of TROY’s security protocols. However, in order to avail of more advanced features and extra security measures such as facial and retina scanning, a higher subscription is required.

  • 14. Is the free version time restricted?

    No. there will be no time restrictions or trials.