FAQ - Team

  • 1. Who are the TROY Team?

    TROY is a vastly experienced, highly professional and committed team of experts in blockchain, IT, digital security, finance, regulatory law & commodities.
    You can find out more about each individual team members backgrounds from our white paper.

  • 2. How can you operate with such a small team?

    TROY’s team has all of the skills and experience required to carry out TROY’s token sale and gold product offering.

    As part of the process of getting regulated in Malta we were able to assign certain key aspects of a regular crypto currency team to a third party. In TROY’s case for example, all of our legal work has been carried out by Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates who are a full service law firm with offices in Malta's legal and financial capital, Valletta.

  • 3. Why is there no team supply?

    TROY’s team are being paid a FIAT amount as we feel it is a conflict of interest for the team to receive initial tokens. Tokens which are not burnt through subscriptions to the TROY Vault will be divided amongst TROY’s team and directors. This is to incentivise the teams focus on the TROY Vaults success and assist with TROY's token burn.

  • 4. How many people are working on the TROY Vault?

    The TROY Vault is being worked on by its core team and 10 third-party developers which have worked with TROY’s team on other projects over the past ten to twenty years.