Tipbot Airdrop - 2018

In Febuary 2018, Tipbot first launched and offered to airdrop 1 billion TIP tokens to 1,000 people.

Shortly after launch, Tipbot received substantial investment which has allowed Maltese incorporation under the name Tipbot LTD. We have been able to begin development of our app, the TROY Vault. As well as bring our gold product offering to the blockchain.

Existing Tipbot token holders will be ported across to the new TROY Gold token on a proportionate ratio, based upon the snapshot taken in June 2018. In the time it has taken to restructure, many airdrop recipients have lost private keys, new laws and regulations have been introduced, some recipients have left our community and others are no longer in communication. It is also now clear to be seen that many of these recipients were in fact bot's attempting to receive free airdrop tokens.

In the best interest of existing token holders and new purchasers, we feel it would be unfair to airdrop a large percentage of our supply to individuals or bots who have no interest except to dump tokens which would devalue our project.

This is why it has been decided to cancel the Tipbot airdrop and open our bounty, competition and affiliate programs fresh to our remaining community who are interested in our project. This will give everyone a fair chance at earning TROY tokens, consider it a verification of your interest in our project.

You are also invited to take part in the TROY Private Sale and receive a 40% bonus! The minimum purchase limit is ordinarily $5,000 for this stage but we will allow you to purchase with a $250 minimum, and still receive 40% extra, entirely free! To take part, simply email legacy@troy.gold and we can take it from there.

We would like to thank you for remaining committed and interested in our project, without you this wouldn't have been possible.

Thank you everyone,

Note: TROY will not be offering a new airdrop