TROY - Fort Knox In Your Pocket Crypto's only producer of gold products and creator of the world's most secure digital vault

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What is TROY?


1. Cryptocurrency

TROY brings real world value to cryptocurrency through its regulated GOLD token.

TROY GOLD Tokens can be exchanged for physical gold or FIAT.

Why Invest?

Gold Products Australia

2. Producer Of Gold Products

TROY will produce gold products using 20,000oz of gold bullion supplied by Bullseye Mining Limited (Australia). Our customers can purchase these products using TROY's GOLD Token.

Bullseye Mining

Digital Vault

3. secure digital vault

The Troy Vault secures Troy's Gold Token & other cryptocurrencies, storage for personal files and media. Stay up to date with the latest crypto & commodity news and market updates whilst managing all your transactions.

The 'TROY Vault'

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Sale Progress

40% Bonus stage ends in:

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1 TROY Token = $1.12
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Bonus Per Sale Stage

Private Sale / Pre-Sale
+40% / +35% Bonus
Sale 1
+30% Bonus
Sale 2
+25% Bonus
Sale 3
+20% Bonus

Progress will be updated after Private Sale completion

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Token Sale Schedule

Stage Bonus Available Tokens Available Start Date Minimum Purchase
Private Sale 40% 8,100,000 July 2nd $5,000
Pre Sale 35% Tokens remaining
from Private Sale (if any)
August 13th $1,000
ITO 1 30% 7,560,000 September 24th $500
ITO 2 25% 6,210,000 November 5th $250
ITO 3 20% 5,130,000 December 17th $250

*It is estimated that Gold Product's will become available in 18 - 24 months from token sale completion

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